Brad Fergusson Unmasked


Brad Fergusson is being chased by ticketholders and speakers who claim they are out-of-pocket after the $800-a-pop I Just Say It leadership conference he organised on the Gold Coast was cancelled. When phoned by the Bulletin this week he hung up and an approach at his Reedy Creek residence yesterday was met with a no comment and threat of trespass.

The Bulletin tracked Brad Fergusson to his home at Reedy Creek, on the Gold Coast, last month. He told the Bulletin to leave when it knocked on his door asking to talk about the I Just Say It leadership conference which he’d promoted but never took place.

Brad Fergusson photographed on a Gold Coast beach in promotional photos for the I Just Say It Leadership Conference in November, 2016 that never went ahead. These photos were taken by Brisbane photographer Andrew Leggett who is suing Mr Fergusson for $3960 after having “a gutful” of chasing the money.

Brad Fergusson is being sued and investigated.

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